One afternoon in Christiania some friends got together to play some music. It was a simple enough idea, lets just play and see what happens. You remember the first time right, fumbling around in the back of your parents car… Or was it in the garage with the lights out… There’s nothing like the first […]

Hello there, welcome to the world of HODJA. Yes we are a band… Yes we make music… Yes our song was featured on the DR2 Christmas Special. You may have heard our song “Devil On My Back”  and you could be wondering when you could hear some more of our music… Well your in luck, […]

Well on a rainy day in mid may in a fairy tale land called Christiania three blind mice got caught in the same trap. Thier screams could be heard clear throughout the town… and funny enough it was that irritating sound that gathered all the people round. They all began to twist and moan and […]