The 3rd Album from HODJA

”The Flood” be coming soon… the new album from the band HODJA… on NOISOLUTION Records.

Once again New Yorker Gamiel Stone has come together with his Copenhagen-brethren Tenboi Levinson and F.W. Smolls to create a phenomenal new record. It’s filled with surprises from front to back and it’s as eclectic as it is traditional… “The Flood” (Release: Aug 17, 2018) is where Downtown New York meets underground Christiania, dirty Garage Rock meets Soul, Americana meets punk-rock. True rock’n’roll is black – and this band and their third album is once again the proof.  Available at the Noiso-Shop on yellow-transparent vinyl (including poster) and CD digipack (including booklet).

Buy the vinyl here:

Cover Art by: Jenz Koudahl #‎newalbum #theflood #hodjatheband #noisolutionrecords #magnificentmusicbookings #gamielstone #tenboilevinson #fwsmolls #JenzKoudahl