“The Flood” be coming on August 17. The clock’s ticking… Preorder here: noisolution.de/shop   Tour dates: 30.08 Halle, Fliese 31.08 Dresden, Sound Of Bronkow 01.09 Crailsheim, Bar7180 02.09 OFF 03.09 Tübingen, Münzgasse 04.09 Köln, Sonicballroom 05.09 Dortmund, Subrosa 06.09 Bielefeld, Extra Blues Bar 07.09 Berlin – MM Festival 08.09 Jena – MM Festival 09.09 Kiel, […]

”The Flood” be coming soon… the new album from the band HODJA… on NOISOLUTION Records. Once again New Yorker Gamiel Stone has come together with his Copenhagen-brethren Tenboi Levinson and F.W. Smolls to create a phenomenal new record. It’s filled with surprises from front to back and it’s as eclectic as it is traditional… “The […]