See what they are saying about Hodja… From “Be-Subjective” German webzine Google translation: Hodja – is the side project of the insane Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. – Voodoo Blues priest and singer Claudius Pratt and his drummer Matthias. Hodja are bare bones Garage Blues & Black Rock ‘n’ Roll, turn any Kascheme in a […]

This Sunday on Sneums Garage HODJA the band will have a little bit soul for ya…. form 6:00 pm to 8:00pm (Startede Kl. 18:03 – sluttede 20:03) DR P6 BEAT will play “DEVIL ON MY BACK” One of the tacks form SOAPBOX Music Record Label release HODJA THE BAND by HODJA … With interview from […]

One afternoon in Christiania some friends got together to play some music. It was a simple enough idea, lets just play and see what happens. You remember the first time right, fumbling around in the back of your parents car… Or was it in the garage with the lights out… There’s nothing like the first […]